Today’s large format garages are a hybrid building project and a large investment.  To ensure that you get the maximum value for your dollars, make sure to hire a company with the experience and knowledge to make your garage a winner.  It all starts with design.  There are special design elements needed to create a successful garage project and avoid rookie mistakes.  Would you hire a plumber to do electrical wiring?  Of course not, so why would you hire a homebuilder to build you garage?  You have a choice.


Beware of pickup truck contractors.  Pickup truck contractors conduct their business from the front seat of a pickup truck with a cell phone and typically lack the resources to properly organize, coordinate and supervise a building project.  Since they are unable or unwilling to establish an office, they typically lack the financial stability to back up their product.  You can test your future contractor by requesting a meeting at his office and see the excuses roll out.  Test number two is to look at the address on the business card or stationery.  If it is a residential address you are looking at a pickup truck contractor.

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